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Як змішати масляні пастелі? (in English)
1 Select the item you want to draw, and decide on its size. If you are a beginner, start with simple items such as a dog house or lake. And if you're ready for the challenge, you can choose to plot something more complicated, like a man!

 2 Once you decide what will represent, remove the paper for drawing. Depending on the desired size of your drawing, select the appropriate paper size, free space to do but neither too much nor too little. Then think about what texture or hue which must be paper, with which you will work. This is optional, but good artists can use different shades and textures of cloth to create different effects to your pictures. Draw With Oil Pastels Step 2Bullet1.jpg Also note the thickness of the paper. We recommend using a fairly dense species, as oil pastels to draw you from the onset, from which a thin paper can tear. There are many types of paper, so try to choose the one most suitable for your purposes.

 3 Take two sheets of paint that you have chosen one for the trial version and another for the final image. In the draft, draw something small. Do not need a lot of details, it's easy to test. These steps will help you get used to feel pastels and paper so you must first learn how to blend oil pastels, before you start to draw their original works of art.

 4 Lightly draw a contour of an object in the main paper in pencil so you can erase the line if you made a mistake. Do not worry about the details yet. Details are currently not as important, but later they make beautiful picture! So leave adding small strokes on then! Draw With Oil Pastels Step 5.jpg 5 Oil pastels add color in your essay. Plan your color scheme and consider in which areas you would like to mix colors. Start a rough picture coloring, adding more details as we move forward.

 6 Add more layers for color mixing. Also try to mix them with your finger or special tools artist to rub oil pastel drawing around. Use your finger - is the recommended method.

 7 May you enjoy your time. Perhaps drawing with oil pastels and hard lessons, but you can also enjoy it! Do not think that if you do not work, you can never create art. Remember, this was only the first attempt, and all need practice to do something good.